Beautiful Close-up photos of hummingbirds

Beautiful Close-up photos of hummingbirds

Beautiful Close-up photos of hummingbirds:

Photographer Jess Findlay captured this image in the mountains of Costa Rica as he searched for this beautiful fire-throated hummingbird.

After many feats, Jess captured the brilliant colors of the bird’s plumage. “Some hummingbirds were foraging for nectar at about 2700m in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica,” says Jess: “To take these pictures I had to wait by the bushes for several minutes. hour and have to sit quietly to avoid making even slight noises.” “I use a telephoto lens with an extension tube to be able to focus closely on the subject.”

“To see a photo like this is a big challenge for photographers when photographing birds that are both small and flap their wings as quickly as a bee, almost never standing still.”

Hummingbirds/bees, considered the smallest birds in the world, have colorful feathers and a buzzing sound when they flap their wings. The special thing is that when they fly, they stand in one place and their wings flap extremely fast, up to 70 times per second, so this bird is named hummingbird.

Hummingbirds settled in North America about 5 million years ago. They have colorful feathers and there are more than 300 species, often quite small in size, including the Cuban bee bird, which is the smallest bird in the world, approximately the size of a bumblebee, weighing about 2 g.



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