The Unstoppable Decline: Ronaldinho’s Journey Leading to Retirement at 37

The Unstoppable Decline: Ronaldinho’s Journey Leading to Retirement at 37

Ronaldinho is one of the outstanding players in world football, however, he has many talents and many disabilities. Unfortunately, his career plummeted at a very young age.

Ronaldinho (trái) đạt đỉnh cao vào năm 2005, khi giành danh hiệu Cầu thủ hay nhất FIFA kèm Quả Bóng Vàng, trong khi Eto'o xếp sau trong giải FIFA và Messi giành danh hiệu Cầu thủ trẻ hay nhất châu Âu. Ảnh: Reuters

Recently Ronaldinho was investigated by authorities in Paraguay for using a fake passport. Not having Paraguayan citizenship, the former Brazilian player used a passport bearing this country’s nationality to reside at a hotel when participating in a charity activity and promoting the image of a company. 

Ronaldinho’s latest scandal did not shock his fans too much. Because for many years, Ronaldinho’s background has been plagued with many stains, especially scandals about debauchery. That certainly makes world football fans regretful for a talent who is considered one of the world’s outstanding football players.

The journey that made Ronaldinho's career plummet - 1

The fake passport that Ronaldinho used

Ronaldinho’s talent on the field with his magical feet turning the ball always fascinates football fans. So although the land of Brazil has always produced many outstanding football talents, everyone must admit that Ronaldinho is an excellent number 10, second only to the “King of Football” Pele, ranked above even the “best players”. ” like Zico, Rivaldo, Kaka or Neymar. 

Such talent, once standing at the peak of fame with the biggest awards in the world such as World Cup Champion, Champions League… or prestigious awards such as the European Golden Ball, FIFA Player of the Year … However, Ronaldinho’s career declined in a way that few people expected. 

In the summer of 2001, at the age of 21, Ronaldinho decided to move to Europe to play for PSG. Two sublime seasons with the Paris team made big teams want to recruit him. In the summer of 2003, Ronaldinho refused Man Utd’s “blockbuster” invitation to join Barcelona.

The journey that made Ronaldinho's career plummet - 2

Ronaldinho received the European Golden Ball in 2005

That was a wise decision, because at the Catalan team, Ronaldinho raised his talent to a new level. In just three years, Ronaldinho won every major title with Barcelona, ​​he also collected all of the most prestigious individual titles for players.

Ronaldinho achieved all his success before the age of 26, but when his career began to mature, Ronaldinho’s career went downhill. Since the summer of 2006, fans have no longer seen a checkerboard flourish like in previous seasons. 

In the summer of 2006, Ronaldinho’s Brazil team went to Germany with the goal of defending the World Cup gold trophy. All hopes rest on “conductor” Ronaldinho, who just won La Liga and the Champions League with Barcelona. Unfortunately, Ronaldinho played poorly, Brazil lost to France in the quarterfinals and had to stop. 

The journey that made Ronaldinho's career plummet - 3

Ronaldinho’s wild parties quickly brought down his football career

The disappointment over the Brazilian team’s elimination was huge, samba fans heavily criticized the team and Ronaldinho personally, they even destroyed his statue in his hometown because they thought he lacked motivation to play. . Ronaldinho didn’t care, he didn’t return to Brazil and responded to his fans with an all-night party in Barcelona. 

Ronaldinho’s games never stopped, causing him to gradually lose himself on the field. Coach Frank Rijkaard could not guide Ronaldinho back to the bright path, he had to let this player sit out a lot in the 2007/08 season. In the summer of 2008, Rijkaard lost his job and Ronaldinho was pushed by Barcelona to AC Milan. 

Later, some sources said that the reason Ronaldinho was sold by Barcelona when he was only 28 years old was because the Brazilian leadership of Barcelona spoiled Lionel Messi, a young talent who was on the rise at that time. 

The journey that made Ronaldinho's career plummet - 4

Ronaldinho always finds ways to “get high” wherever he plays

Leaving Barcelona, ​​Ronaldinho never found himself again. There are still magical, fanciful turns, but the frequency of their appearance keeps decreasing. No matter where he is, Ronaldinho only has a short period of stability before getting bored and leaving again. In Milan, he was okay for two seasons, but in the third season he disappeared and quickly parted ways with AC Milan.

From then on, Ronaldinho began a difficult journey. Returning to Brazil to play for Flamengo for one season, Ronaldinho moved to take refuge at Atletico Mineiro. After two seasons, Ronaldinho moved to Mexico to play for Queretaro for a season before returning to Fluminense to play a few matches in 2015 before falling into unemployment.Ronaldinho: 'Sex nhiều là chuyện của tôi!'

During his peak, Ronaldinho made a lot of money, including bonuses from clubs and lucrative advertising contracts with many brands using his image, which made his assets reach 78 million. U.S. dollar. 

However, all-night parties with stimulants and long legs also caused Ronaldinho’s fortune to quickly evaporate. Now at 39, Ronaldinho is struggling to make money to support his games, which show no signs of stopping. 

2019, Ronaldinho was fined up to 8.5 million USD by authorities in Brazil for violating construction works on the coast. He could not pay the fine, so his passport was taken away and he was banned from leaving the country. For this reason, Ronaldinho used a fake passport to go to Paraguay, which is a wrong action that could put him in prison.


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