The Ƅeauty of VieTnɑmese kingfishers

The Ƅeauty of VieTnɑmese kingfishers

As one of the ancient bird groups that dominates most lands in the world, kingfishers in Vietnam have many species with brilliant blue feathers.

There are about 90 species of kingfishers worldwide. Vietnam discovered 12 species. Among them is the mysterious bird ” Alcedo hercules ” on the drawing in the Red Book. They live in Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Ha Tinh, Gia Lai. The upper part of the adult bird’s body is light brown and black (light blue feather tips), the middle of the back and the feathers are iridescent sky blue. Both sides of the neck have white streaks. Cheeks and ears are pale black with blue streaks. (Photo: Le Khac Quyet)

Broad-billed lemongrass Halcyon capensis taken in Ba Lua archipelago, Kien Giang, this species is very rare. They live and settle in forests along the banks of rivers and streams and at an altitude of 1,200m. In addition, they are also found in plain areas, near lakes, coastal estuaries and flooded forests. In Vietnam, broad-billed lemongrass is distributed in Quang Tri, Thua Thien – Hue, Quang Nam, Da Nang, Gia Lai, Kom Tum, Dong Nai and Tay Ninh. (Photo: Phung Ba Thinh)

Brown-headed lemongrass Halcyon smyrnensis taken in Vung Tau. This is a kingfisher but rarely eats fish, the bird often searches for food in open areas. Snakes, rats, and insects are their favorite foods. In Vietnam, this species appears in all regions from the plains to the mountains where the altitude is not higher than 1,000m. (Photo: Nguyen Hao Quang)

Alcedo meninting blue-eared kingfisher was discovered during a bird biodiversity survey at Nui Ong Nature Reserve. (Photo: Nguyen Hao Quang)

Red kingfisher Ceyx erithacus – a representative of the kingfisher group that specializes in eating insects and living lurking in the lower layers of old forests. They were discovered near the Vietnam-Cambodia border-Binh Phuoc province. (Photo: Nguyen Hao Quang)

Common kingfisher Alcedo athis is the only kingfisher species that is common throughout the world and is also the most common bird species in our country. (Photo: Nguyen Hao Quang)

Black-headed lemongrass Halcyon pileata – a species of kingfisher that lives in mangrove forests, quite rare in our country. (Photo: Mikhail)

Large kingfisher Ceryle lugubris . This is a species of kingfisher that lives in mangrove forests in our country. They nest on river banks, streams, and in caves. Large kingfishers live near rivers, streams and lakes in mountainous and midland areas where there are many dense trees. In Vietnam, this species is found in Cao Bang, Lai Chau, Bac Thai, Lang Son, South Hoa Binh, Nghe An, Ha Tinh. (Photo: Arun P.Singh)

Halcyon chloris is a kingfisher that lives in our country’s mangrove forests. Vietnam encounters this species from Hai Van Pass back to the Southern provinces such as Tra Vinh and An Giang. (Photo: Phung My Trung)


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