The elegant beauty of tulips under the lens of a flower lover. It is a flower with up to 150 different types with many colorful colors. Dressed in brilliant outfits, Tulips have a charming beauty, full of youthful vitality

The elegant beauty of tulips under the lens of a flower lover. It is a flower with up to 150 different types with many colorful colors. Dressed in brilliant outfits, Tulips have a charming beauty, full of youthful vitality
Did you know: There are up to 150 types of tulips with 8 typical colors? And the origin of Tulips does not originate from “The Happiest Country in the World” – the Netherlands, but from Persia and Türkiye


There are countless interesting things hidden behind the nametulips, let’s explore with Xwatch right in the article below!

I. What are Tulips? Origin of which country?

1. What are Tulips? 


Tulips are also known as Uat Kim Cuong



Tulips, also known by the beautiful name “Diamond Flower”, are a famous flower in the world with brilliant beauty, ranked as the “national flower” of many different countries. This flower has up to 150 different types with many colorful colors.



Tulips with more than 150 different species



Tulips are shaped like a bell with 6 soft petals or spread out like a star. Dressed in brilliant outfits, Tulips have a charming beauty, full of youthful vitality. You can see the silhouette of Tulips in paintings by famous artists.



2. Origin of Tulip flowers



The origin of tulips is from Turkey



From ancient times until now, many people often believe that Tulips originate from the beautiful Netherlands. But actually, when you learn about the origin of this flower, you will be surprised because the birthplace of the Tulip flower is Turkey and Persia.



Besides, many people mistakenly believe that Tulips are the national flower of the windmill country of the Netherlands. But not! Afghanistan and Iran are two countries that have chosen this brilliant flower as a symbol of their country.



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II. Meaning of Tulip flowers 



Tulips come in a variety of colors, each color representing a different meaning. However, Tulip in general is the embodiment of money, fame, fame and perfect love. In addition, because this flower often blooms in the spring, dispelling the coldness of cold winter days, Tulip is considered a “messenger” spreading youthful vitality and spring.



1. Meaning of yellow tulips



Yellow tulips



With a bright yellow color like the sun, yellow Tulips are a symbol of joy and overwhelming happiness. That is also the reason why, many people often plant yellow Tulips in front of their houses on Tet days with the hope that luck and happiness will knock on the door.



In addition, this flower also carries the meaning: rejection in love. Therefore, when giving this flower to the opposite sex, you need to pay special attention.



2. The meaning of white Tulip flowers



White tulips



Pure and pure, white Tulips are fragile, gentle and especially seductive! This flower color represents pure love, without ups and downs, and the desire for a peaceful life.



Because of this special meaning, white Tulips are often displayed at weddings, not only bringing romance and dreams but also a wish for a peaceful life holding hands until old age for the loving couple. .



In addition, a very special aspect of white Tulips is the meaning of forgiveness and apology.



3. Meaning of purple Tulips



Purple tulips



Purple Tulips represent power and strength, often used by ancient royalty as the color of royalty. Not only that, purple also represents romance in love, so it is often used by Western brides in weddings.



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4. Meaning of red Tulips



Red tulips



An intense, lasting love – that is the most special meaning of the red Tulip flower. If someone gives you a bouquet of red Tulips, it proves that the guy is interested in you and wants to have a long-term love affair.



5. The meaning of pink Tulips



Pink tulips



Similar to red Tulips, the pink color on this flower means seduction and passion. 



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6. Meaning of Black Tulip flower



Black tulips



“Queen of the Night” – that is the name the people of the land of windmills lovingly give to the black Tulip flower. The flower represents burning, passionate and somewhat exclusive love.



7. Meaning of orange Tulip flower



Orange tulips



Orange Tulips hide within themselves an abundant source of energy and vitality, representing enthusiasm, the will to break through and rise strongly despite hardships and challenges.



In particular, if couples give each other this flower, it shows understanding, connection, and communication between the two.



8. The meaning of the blue Tulip flower



Blue tulips



The green color on Tulip petals represents independence, individuality and uniqueness.



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III. Who should I give Tulips to and on what occasions?



With the decoding of the meaning of each color of Tulip flower above, you can surely rely on it to choose the right type of Tulip flower to give to your loved ones.



So who should you give Tulips to? What occasion is appropriate to give Tulips?



Tulips are considered a meaningful gift given on the following special occasions:



1. Valentine’s Day or anniversary of love



Tulips mean eternal love



Meaning eternal love, red and pink Tulips are given to each other by couples on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Love Anniversary, and Wedding Anniversary.



2. Say a sincere apology



Tulips represent a sincere apology



If you want to send someone a sincere, deep apology, yellow Tulips will be a messenger to send a delicate message.



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3. Gifted on inauguration occasions or important milestones



Giving tulips on the inauguration occasion



Representing abundant vitality, the breakthrough of “overcoming the storm and turning into a dragon”, orange Tulips are given to friends by many people on special occasions such as store openings or an important milestone in life with the intention of encouraging them. encouragement and spiritual encouragement.



We invite you to admire more beautiful images of Tulip flowers:



Beautiful tulip photo



Beautiful tulip photo



Beautiful tulip photo



Beautiful tulip photo



Beautiful tulip photo



Beautiful tulip photo



Beautiful tulip photo



Tulips – Flowers contain many interesting things, right? If you have any interesting information about the meaning of the Tulip flower or the mysteries surrounding this flower, please comment and share with us.clockXwatch right below!


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