“Meet Painted Bunting, The Most Colorful Bird Native To The United States “

“Meet Painted Bunting, The Most Colorful Bird Native To The United States “

Feel the magic of creation through the colorful plumage of dozens of bird species from all continents around the world.Photo series: Top 30 species of birds with the most impressive colors in the world

Wilson’s bird of paradise (Diphyllodes respublica). Size: Length 16 cm. Distribution area: Indonesia.

Red-necked tanager (Tangara cyanocephala). Size: 10-20 cm long. Distribution area: Eastern Brazil, Paraguay and Northeast Argentina.

Photo series: Top 30 species of birds with the most impressive colors in the world

Tanager bird of paradise (Tangara chilensis). Size: Length 14 cm. Distribution area: Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Cotinga cayana (Cotinga cayana). Size: Length 20-21 cm cm. Distribution area: Amazon forest in South America.

Lovebird (Aix galericulata). Size: Length 41 to 49 cm. Distribution area: East Asia.

Yellow-breasted toucans (Ramphastos sulfuratus). Size: Length 42 to 55 cm. Distribution area: Southern Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia.

Pteroglossus beauharnaesii (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii). Size: Length 40-45 cm. Distribution area: Western Brazil, Northern Peru and central Bolivia.

Western crowned pigeon (Goura cristata). Size: Length 66 to 75 cm. Distribution area: Western New Guinea.

Nicobar pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica). Size: Length 50 cm. Distribution area: Nicobar Islands.

Erythrura gouldiae (Erythrura gouldiae). Size: Length 13 cm. Distribution area: Northwest Australia.

Nyctyornis amictus (Nyctyornis amictus). Size: Length cm. Distribution area: Indonesia and Malaysia.

Alcedo atthis (Alcedo atthis). Size: Length 17-19 cm. Distribution area: Worldwide.

Lilac-breasted wild lemongrass bird (Coracias caudatus). Size: Length 32-46 cm. Distribution area: East and Southern Africa.

Cuban lemongrass bird (Todus multicolor). Size: 11 cm long. Distribution area: Cuba.

Tunki bird (Rupicola peruvianus). Size: Length 32 cm. Distribution: Andes Mountains, from Venezuela to Bolivia.

American purple martin (Porphyrio martinicus). Size: Length 26–37 cm. Distribution region: Southeast United States and Central America.

Splendid wren (Malurus splendens). Size: Length 14 cm. Distribution area: Australia.

Northern cardinal bird (Cardinalis cardinalis). Size: Length 20 cm. Distribution area: Burma and central United States, Canada.

Passerina ciri (Passerina ciri). Size: 12-15 cm long. Distribution area: Southeast United States.

Queen swallowtail (Pharomachrus mocinno). Size: Length 36-40 cm. Distribution area: Central America.

Red ibis (Udocimus ruber). Size: Length 66 cm. Distribution area: South America and the Caribbean islands.

Red macaw (Ara macao). Size: Length 84 cm. Distribution area: Central and South America.

Rainbow parrot (Trichoglossus moluccanus). Size: 25-30 cm long. Distribution area: Northern and Eastern Australia.

Red-breasted parrot (Neophema splendida). Size: 19-20 cm long. Distribution area: Southern and Western Australia.

Flamingos (family Phoenicopteridae). Size: 1.2-1.5 meters long. Distribution area: All continents, except Antarctica.

Indian blue peacock (Pavo cristatus). Size: 1-1.15 meters long. Distribution region: South and Southeast Asia.

Himalayan pheasant (Lophophorus impejanus). Size: Length 60-72 cm. Distribution area: Himalayas

Golden pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus). Size: Length 60-105 cm. Distribution area: Western China.

Yellow-throated sunbird (Aethopyga gouldiae). Size: Length 11-17 cm. Distribution region: South and Southeast Asia.

Purple-backed blackbird (Cinnyricinclus leucogaster). Size: Length 17 cm. Distribution area: Sub-Saharan Africa.


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