Inter Miami Chairman Beckham Personally Presents Messi with His 8th Golden Ball; Humble Messi Delivers a Message and Words of Encouragement to the Younger Generation

Inter Miami Chairman Beckham Personally Presents Messi with His 8th Golden Ball; Humble Messi Delivers a Message and Words of Encouragement to the Younger Generation

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi has been honored with the highest individual award in men’s football for the 8th time, with the title of Golden Ball in 2023.

In the early morning of October 31 (Vietnam time), Lionel Messi was officially named at the 2023 Golden Ball award, marking the 8th time the Argentine superstar has been honored with the world’s most prestigious football title. player. 

To win this year’s Golden Ball race, Messi surpassed Erling Haaland in 2nd place and Kylian Mbappe in 3rd place. Kevin De Bruyne ranked 4th in the race and Rodri ranked 5th.

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Notably, owner of 5 Golden Balls Cristiano Ronaldo was disappointed when for the first time since 2004 he did not appear in the top 30 Golden Ball nominations. Obviously, this is an understandable result because CR7 had a forgettable year for Man United and Portugal.

Sharing when he got to the podium to receive the award, Messi said he was very proud and thanked his teammates, family and fans. 

In addition, the superstar born in 1987 also emotionally shared about his illustrious career: “I could not imagine the career that I have had and everything that I have achieved, the luck that I have had to become Be part of the best football teams in history”.

So Lionel Messi has officially won the 2023 Golden Ball. A completely worthy result for the 36-year-old player when he helped Argentina win the 2022 World Cup championship in Qatar.

This is the 8th time El Pulga has won this prestigious title – a record that is almost impossible to break!

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Speaking after the coronation , the Inter Miami striker said: “Thank you everyone, especially my teammates. Thank you everyone who voted for me. This Golden Ball is a great gift for all Argentines. I don’t want to forget Haaland or Mbappe, who have had a great season. In the coming years they will win this award.

The level of competition has never decreased. I have been fortunate to be here for many years. I want to especially mention all those who rejoiced when Argentina became world champions. I would also like to thank all my family, my wife, my children, for standing by my side in the worst moments, and for all helping me realize my football dream. Without them it would not have been possible.

I want to mention Maradona one last time. Happy birthday to you. I think there is no better place to congratulate him than here, with all the players and the Golden Ball present. This Golden Ball also belongs to him and to all Argentines. All awards are special, but I always emphasize the importance of the team. This is just secondary. Look at Man City, they were the strongest team and achieved everything last season.

I couldn’t have imagined the career I’ve had, all I’ve accomplished. I was very lucky, I played for the best team in the world, the best in history, thanks to which I was able to win many individual awards. With the Argentina team, I had some very bad times, but I never gave up. It’s great to win these individual titles. Winning the Copa America and then the World Cup, that was amazing.”

Messi rejoices with his 8th Golden Ball

When asked if this Golden Ball is more special than the others because of the World Cup, the 36-year-old superstar replied briefly: “All are special for different reasons.”

Messi became the first player to win the Golden Ball while playing outside of Europe. David Beckham – co-owner of Inter Miami Club, the team that La Pulga is playing for – could not hide his pride. “It’s special to say that Messi is a Miami player and he is in our city,” he said. 

He will celebrate this with his teammates and family in his own way. We’ll do our best to celebrate the Miami way. I’m sure we can have a fun party.”

The fact that Messi won the 2023 Golden Ball award was actually reported by the international press some time ago. Winning the 2022 World Cup with the Argentina team with an extraordinary individual performance is the key to helping the 36-year-old superstar defeat Erling Haaland, despite the Norwegian striker winning the historic “treble” with Man City. history.

8 Golden Balls and countless other records and titles in his career, there is no doubt that Messi is the greatest player in football history.


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