80 Stunning Designs For A Star Tattoo that WιƖƖ Glow On Your Skin

80 Stunning Designs For A Star Tattoo that WιƖƖ Glow On Your Skin

Small star tattoos that shine bright on the skin

Star tattoos are like gems on the skin, radiating joy and positivity. Whether scattered across the wrist, placed on the ankle, or on a finger, these small star tattoos will be your visual reminder to always reach for the stars and embrace your strength within.

Moon and stars matching tattoos for couple

Moon and stars are great tattoo ideas for couples because they symbolize a deep and enduring connection. The moon represents femininity, intuition, and the ever-changing cycles of life, while stars embody guidance, dreams, and eternal love. Together, they represent the unique bond between the two while giving a sense of wanderlust.


Simple and small star tattoo

This tiny tattoo combines stars in two different forms, bringing contrast that catches the eye. The delicate outline star and the filled-in black star are like the yin and yang, symbolizing the contrasting yet harmonious energies.

Small matching star tattoos

These tiny matching stars are perfect for those who want to keep a low profile. While the fingers and the wrist are often considered highly visible placements, these stars offer a discreet option because of their smaller sizes.

Small shining star hand tattoo

The stars shine the brightest in the darkest night. This small star tattoo on the hand flawlessly captures the radiant glow of a North Star. Placed delicately on the skin, it serves as a constant reminder to navigate life’s challenges and find your guiding light, even in the darkest times.


Colorful star tattoo

While these four small stars might be simple in terms of shape, the colors bring an exciting and captivating touch. Each star is filled with a different shade, creating a beautiful contrast against the skin.

Stars and angel number

If you have seen numbers like 222, 111, or 555 tattooed on the skin, you may be seeing the representation of one’s spiritual guidance, also known as the angel number tattoos like above. Each number has a unique meaning often associated with protection, intuition, new beginnings, and more.

Matching siblings star tattoos

Siblings are bound by blood. They may have similar appearances, hobbies, and views on life. But they are also different individuals. These matching sibling tattoos feature tiny moon, sun, and star on the wrist, serving as a symbolic representation of their connection while highlighting their uniqueness at the same time.

Small shining star behind the ear

While most tattoos behind the ear are discreet, this star tattoo stands out with its radiating design. It serves as a reminder to embrace individuality and let one’s inner light shine brightly, even in the most subtle and hidden moments.


Metallic nautic star tattoo

Nautical stars hold a special meaning as a representation of the North Star. They are often depicted as five-pointed stars, symbolizing guidance and direction like the compass. The metallic look of this nautical star tattoo gives extra shine to the skin, magnifying its spiritual significance.

Star bracelet tattoo

Bracelet tattoos refer to the designs that wrap around the wrist. But instead of a closed line that resembles an actual bracelet, the stars and planets in this tattoo are dotted on the wrist with gaps in between.

The negative space allows the skin to become an integral part of the design while giving a sneak peek of the wearer’s light-hearted approach to life.

Small star sister tattoos

Stars are a symbol of hope, guidance, and inspiration. This pair of sister tattoos beautifully captures the essence of sisterhood, as the stars represent the eternal bond between the two, radiating a sense of shared hope, guidance, and inspiration throughout their journey together.

Star tattoos between the boobs

As simple as these between-the-boob tattoos may seem, they actually feature three different forms of stars, each adding its unique touch to the design while keeping it minimalistic and accentuating the natural curves of the body.


Whimsical star and moon tattoo

The moon and stars are two celestial bodies that represent the night. Combining them, this small wrist tattoo forms a cosmic duo that signifies hope, wonder, and the pursuit of dreams. The color contrast between blue and yellow adds extra appeal to the look.


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