Svetlanna the independent tattoo model

Svetlanna the independent tattoo model

She likes to be provocative using her body as an object of an artwork. She puts her heart on that and she is expressive from the top of her head to the tip of her toe. She is Svetlanna, SuicideGirl and alt model who likes to sing, and her motto is: Free your mind and have no bias!

Hello Svetlanna, where are you from and where do you live?
I’ll only say I’m a latina – most people think I’m russian because my name is – but I’m not!

What do you do for a living?
I’m an independent model and I’m mostly shooting for my OnlyFans profile (just search for Svetlanna there!) or for SuicideGirls (just search for Svetlanna on both websites!), and I can say I’m an influencer too. I have an account on Instagram with 120K followers ( and a TikTok account with more than 400K followers and some virals (@sv3tlanna). It’s pretty cool to be autonomous and explore my own creativity and body expression as a work!

Svetlanna, Tattoo model,, photo by @deboraperezph

You are a Suicide Girl official model. Would you like to tell us why and how it happened?
I became a SG mostly because it was a world I identify with a lot: piercings, tattoos and praising women’s uniqueness. I was already an independent model but I was taking it mostly as a hobby rather than a work until I entered SuicideGirls community – slowly I turned this into my main work and I could each day evolve in modelling. It’s amazing to see every time how much I grew up during my journey, and it is also so thrilling, in the best way to use this adjective, to see how much my work impacts people’s lives!

How they remember my photos or create some kind of affection for them!

Svetlanna, Tattoo model,, photo by @ivanfilho_




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