The adorable moment of a newly born baby makes the online community burst into laughter!

The adorable moment of a newly born baby makes the online community burst into laughter!

Children ‘s adorable moments always melt adult hearts. That’s why your baby is always the center of attention wherever he or she appears.

With cuteness, innocence and humor, children always bring natural expressions and extremely funny actions. Anyone who watches these moments wishes to have such babies.

Below are some funny and adorable moments of newborn babies that have been compiled by the Election Community:



I’m so tired of all the noise out here, someone please take me back into your mother’s belly.

Photo: baby

I thought something was difficult, but posing in front of the camera is my “job  .


The child’s face was filled with confusion: “Where is this and who am I?”

Photo: Vinmec

The child’s emotional face after 9 months and 10 days of meeting his mother.

beautiful newborn baby

Extremely cute side profile with white skin and soaring nose. This is the face of a future  male god .

cute newborn baby

I want to tell my parents: “I’m fine, just a little sleepy,”.


The baby’s extremely “slanted” face seems to remind the husbands that when pregnant, don’t make the mother angry.


A long journey is waiting for you ahead, just slowly explore.

Plump baby
Photo: Vietgiaitri

While sleeping soundly, I suddenly brought someone out here . Are you happy to see people?

For mothers, perhaps the happiest thing is being able to witness their little angels growing up day by day. Parents should also not forget to record memorable moments in each stage of their child’s development. If you want to share your baby’s adorable moments, please send them to Bau Community Fanpage.


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